None Like Him


 No one is like you, LORD; you are great,and your name is mighty in power. Jeremiah 10:6 


In His Presence Radio

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 None Like Him Anywhere  encourages individuals to develop a deeper, more fulfilling prayer life. Our weekly devotional program ,In His Presence Radio, provides an online site for devotional time. Many people save these devotions to personal electronic devices to provide encouragement and private time during their busy day. God bless you in your personal walk and remember that there is None Like Him Anywhere. 

Maximum Synergy

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As a pastor, or church teacher you know the importance of having a  teaching team that is both spiritually committed and knowledgeable of teaching strategies and techniques.  Is your education department everything you feel it can be?  You can strengthen that "brand'  with  educational seminars and training.  We encourage every church to  provide at least one  educational training for local teachers each year to help them continue to build and develop their skill. 

Our team brings together years of professional training in both Christian Education,  and general education.  They have years of experience in public school, private school teaching and other related fields. 

We can help with materials, seminars, and fellowship with others in the teaching ministry.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide assistance and support to your teachers.





 Destination Education

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The goal of all Christian teaching is to produce well rounded, participating, informed and mature Christians who use Bible principles to guide them in their daily living. They live their faith. Teachers in a Christian Education setting must be guided by these desired goals. Consider the destination, then decide how you get there. Destination Education is a redemptive, developmentally  sensitive, approach to Christian teaching that involves both knowledge acquisition and spiritual development. This approach is designed to encourage confession of faith, expression of faith in daily living and continuing spiritual growth. The resulting growth is evidenced in whole life transformation, embracing knowledge of, commitment and service to Jesus Christ.